So you thought being a published author, and enjoying the financial and authoritative rewards it brings, simply wasn’t realistic because it took far too long to do and you aren’t on the level of other ‘experts’ (Hint: You’ll be one of those soon)…


And now you know you’re wrong – it IS possible, because with my step-by-step processes, fully prepared, proven templates and the ease of access to self-publishing (both physically and digitally), the barriers to entry for you are the lowest they’ve ever been.


What generally takes others years to complete will take you a matter of weeks – with absolutely no compromise on quality.

I’ll show you how to do it just right, so you end up with a strikingly professional product you’ll not only be proud to have your name on, but be proud to have represent you as someone to be taken seriously.

Not some shoddy, obviously inferior waste of effort whose pages would be better off used as a draught excluder. Remember… we’re swinging for the big leagues, here!


After spending more than 30 years in IT (you know, information technology), I became really, really good at something… working with, you guessed it… information, processes and people.

Maybe it was laziness, but I like to call it a yearning for efficiency that led me to break down just about everything I could into easily accessible chunks, processes that took just about all the effort away.

Because why wade through treacle when you take a first class flight, am I right?

When I wasn’t slaving away behind a computer screen, I socialised in entrepreneurial circles. Circles filled with people just like you. Smart people… people who often didn’t recognise just how smart they were.

I watched them spin their wheels when it came to stepping up and taking their business to the main stage, frightened they just weren’t a big enough fish to make a splash in the pond they shared with more well-known influencers and ‘authority figures.’

Fact is… that isn’t true. I could see it wasn’t true. Because these professionals were dropping knowledge bombs on others left, right and centre… making a difference… getting results for other people.

Yet they always looked up to the big sharks in their field, and compared themselves mercilessly. They put themselves down, convinced themselves they couldn’t expect to enjoy that level of success because they ‘didn’t know as much.’ That they’d write a book that sucks.

And that somehow, because of that self-doubt, they didn’t deserve to be amongst the big dogs.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been thinking the same way, haven’t you?

And I’m going to be completely honest when I say that you’ve been wrong.

Because it’s all about perception. It’s really very simple: No matter what field you’re in, there’s always an audience that’s even just a couple of rungs below you on the knowledge ladder.

There are always people who will benefit from your expertise… experience… insights… hard yards – and provide the recognition and fuel that launch you, and your business, into the higher spheres of visibility and authority!

But it’s not your fault you’ve been thinking the way you have. As humans, we share the super-special ability to ignore our own achievements. We’re always looking at the next level and saying “Well, I didn’t manage to do that…

And honestly? Society likes it that way. You don’t want to be seen as big-headed now, do you?

Just know your place.

Well, we say screw that. It’s a trap.

The truth is no matter what your niche, all you need is a book to deliver your knowledge to the right people on your behalf. Your very own product – a calling card, proof of your professionalism, drive and dominance within your industry.

Proof that you’re willing to go further than 90% of your competitors to help others and share what you know.

The attention you gain – if you do it right – does the rest of the work lifting you through the ranks, like some weird flotation device.

It’s as simple as that.

But, of course, there’s a key to bringing it all together without flushing precious time down the toilet and driving yourself insane in the process… and you’ll find that key in the systematic approach I provide.


Jane Akshar

Inspired by the allure of Egypt since reading a book about it at age 9, Jane Akshar emigrated to Luxor in 2003. There, she set up a tourism business and set about using Let’s Tell Your Story to create a string of Egyptology books. As a result, Jane’s business boomed and she was

  • featured in Condé Naste Traveler magazine
  • showcased in the Boston Herald
  • asked to write for EasyJet magazine
  • featured in Lonely Planet Egypt
  • appeared as a guest panellist on BBC World
  • asked by Oxford University to provide copies of her third book

Mark Burrows

Mark wasn’t sure whether his knowledge as a small business chicken keeper would be of use to anyone – or if he even knew enough to write his own book – and guess what… a niche 9-month best seller was born! His business received massive publicity and led to:

  • multiple guest expert appearances on UK national and local radio
  • a string of national speaking gigs
  • hired  as a consultant for a leading UK egg producer
  • expert appearances in national and local newspapers
  • featured articles in several poultry magazines worldwide


Like most of us rockers, I play hard… but that also means I work damn hard – so you’ll need to be ready to pull up your socks and knuckle down.

Because if you don’t, I’ll be on you like a bad rash.

If you’re thinking of getting your book ghost-written whilst you sip Pina Colada, then this isn’t the programme for you.

That said, the process I’ve created doesn’t take an extreme amount of time, but you do need to put in the work.

The good news is you’ll get accountability check-ins and advice every step of the way, so you won’t slip, drift or quit.

I like to keep you on your toes, because it can be easy to lose hope or drop into a funk and go right back to doubting yourself.

Not on my watch.

When you work with me, you get not only my personal attention but the support and motivation of my online community, where we’re all working together to create best-in-class BOOK and market it effectively.

If you ever feel stuck, help is right at hand.

So it’s time to stop acting like some worn-out Aerosmith cover band, powering on through the BO in the air at the local pub on a Saturday night.

If you’re happy staying stuck in that choking atmosphere and watching your business go nowhere, then that’s your choice.

But I think you’d rather take your place in the spotlight and be recognised as the power player you know you are.

And you don’t need anyone’s permission to do just that.

So tune up and let’s get started.





Colette Mason
Owner of Let’s Tell Your Story


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