Preparing fo print – photos and artwork

Photos or artwork enhance books Depending on your subject matter you may wish to include photographs, diagrams, charts, tables. For example if you have written a book about gym exercises it would be easier to add photographs of what the key positions look like...

How to choose the perfect title for your book

Choosing the perfect title has the same pains that choosing the perfect topic has. There are so many to choose from, and you are never sure which one is the perfect one! There is one difference, though. Choosing a title is even more difficult since you have to sell...

How to choose the best book genre

Choosing the right topic for your book is a big decision to make, and is among the biggest challenges that a writer has to face. Even if you know what category you want to write on, you need to be specific for the book, and there are so many sub-categories to choose...
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