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It’s time to tell the world about your book

Press releases that pack a punch

When it comes to getting your message about your book out there, word of mouth is a great strategy. But what happens when you need to get your message across to people you don’t know? Your readers.

That’s where a press release to raise awareness about your book release comes in.

Press release writers have a particular set of skills, to craft compelling words that will appeal to experienced professional journalists,  who receive hundreds of releases a week. Your message has to stand out…

In consultation with you, we write a press release up to two pages in length, which includes full details of your book, and which adds in a current newsworthy angle will pique more interest.

Our industry professionals then distribute that release to named media contacts and share your information on quality press release websites. This is then sent to selected recipients by email. No matter how good your release is, if you don’t get it in front of the right eyeballs, it’s doomed.

We will also cast your net wider using online Press Release services.

A PDF copy of the release is also sent to you for your own promotional activities.


Professional press pack

Authors need a press pack to showcase their expertise and explain how their book benefits the reader. By sharing your press pack with thought leaders and influencers, you can share the news of your book launch with even more people – podcasters, bloggers and social media heavy hitters.

Your press pack is ready to edit with your own details, so you can create a professional impression each and every time and never miss an opportunity.

We’ll give you a 14-piece press pack and review it when it’s put together.


Prices start from £497 for a targeted press release and a press pack review.

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