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The professional publishing choice

Adding the finishing touches

We believe in offering the best value publishing package, to get you the best results. So many publishers focus on printing and formatting. We want you to publish a good quality book, worthy of your name. That’s why we offer one publishing package with everything you need.

  • copy editing to ensure your writing flows
  • proofreading to blitz credibility-slaying mistakes
  • an eye catching professional cover with an easy-to-read interior for your print and Kindle version
  • a compelling book listing on Amazon to make fulfilling your book orders a breeze

None of your money is wasted on hundreds of pre-printed copies destined to sit under the stairs, every penny of your investment works on raising the quality of your book.

if you need a lot of books for events or promotions, Simply order copies online whenever you need them.


Copy editing and proofreading

Although the grip of the traditional publishing house may have gone, the need to have your draft thoroughly checked for quality has not. A draft full of spelling, grammar, linguistic, and style errors is not ready for print.

This is an opportunity to improve your original draft, reshaping and trimming the rough work into a piece ready to be published.

Polishing your own work is notoriously difficult, as your mind often reads what you think you wrote, rather than what you did. A fresh pair of eyes is more efficient and accurate than yours.

Rather than struggling to re-read your text for the umpteenth time, you can move on to more productive tasks like planning the promotion of your book, knowing your work is being thoroughly edited in a timely manner.

Eye-catching professional cover design 

Readers will judge your book by its cover. The way your book is presented, inside and out, is critical to success. If your cover is bland or confusing, or fails to reflect the contents within, readers will scroll past it as they peruse your competitor books on Amazon. If your book’s interior is disorganised, poorly designed, and hard on the eyes, your reader will decide that reading it is more trouble than it’s worth.

A strong cover design is the gateway, catching the reader’s eye and giving a glimpse at what’s inside.

From simple and elegant to punchy, our artists can design a cover to suit your book’s needs.

Elegant interior formatting for print and Kindle

We also understand that interior layouts are just as important as exterior designs. We pay meticulous attention to important elements like typography and page layouts, ensuring that your book is consistently and professional presented and reader-friendly both inside and out.

Your interior needs to both attractive and eye-catching, yet still ensuring that the book’s message isn’t lost on the reader. We have a wide selection of stylish designs to choose from, so you can visualise how you book will look before we begin.

Good design doesn’t just apply to print books. Our ebook conversion services will transform your book’s final pages into ePub, and also Mobi (which becomes your Kindle version) plus PDF formats – the most prevalent electronic book formats used by a wide variety of ereader, phones, tablets and desktops.

Listing on Amazon

Once your book is complete, you’ll need to double check your book meets the Kindle and print publishing standards.

Once you get the green light, you can list your digital (mobi) and print versions of your book on Amazon for all its territories, .com, etc.

Just before you press the button, you’ll have a chance to preview both your Kindle and print book before it’s unleashed into the wild to make sure everything is correct.

Your books will be “print on demand” which means you won’t have to hold any stock at your house or storage facility, nor waste money on a large print run up front. If you want to have copies on hand to sell yourself, perhaps at speaking events or signings, you can order in bulk too.

The sales for your Kindle and print version are linked together and used to set your ranking. We take no royalties, so your profit per sale will be the retail price on Amazon, minus the cost of production. Your reader will pay the shipping fees. (For example if you book sells for £10 and it costs £3.25 to print, you will earn £6.75 per copy.)

We will also help with your Amazon Author Central page. Whether your book is published by a traditional publisher or you are an indie author, Amazon lets you create an author page. Deoending on your geographic location, you can add your

  • author profile photo
  • biography
  • author video
  • editorial reviews
  • future speaking and book signing events
  • latest tweets
  • blog’s RSS feed (so your author page grabs new articles)


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