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Meet Colette

How come I ended up helping people with their books rather than being an astronaut…

I believe:

  • that quality is paramount 
  • that you can write a good book worthy of your name and expertise
  • that your book should make a valuable difference to your reader’s lives
  • that the publishing process should be rapid, fun and rewarding
  • that the fantastic opportunities that come to published authors are waiting for you to claim them

A Bit More About Me

My Fork in the Road…

For many years I had published information for the UK Government and global corporations. I loved the high-profile element to the work – knowing millions of people are reading what you produce gives you quite a buzz. Apart from the occasional public inquiry report, the authors never got the credit – the information was always attributed to an organisation and never those who had crafted the words. I wanted to publish people’s expertise and make sure they got credited for it.

So I jumped ship, left my comfortable, corporate consulting bubble and set up own my publishing company, ready to help business owners create their own top-notch books based on their professional experience. 

Walking the Walk

Writing my first book..

Before I published anyone else’s expertise, I felt I had to publish my own book first – I needed to “take the bullet for the team.” What’s more, I wanted to see if a book could actually open doors for someone who wasn’t a “household name” with a traditional publisher behind them to give them credibility.

I tested out my writing process to ensure it was quick and easy, without cutting corners. on quality. Thanks to some solitary confinement, a detailed plan and a bucket load of coffee, it took 14 days to produce a first draft totalling 45,000 words. I had a breather when I handed it to an editor to copy edit and proofread, and used the time to work out how to make my word document into “a real book”.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Being a published author…

The next step was seeing if the book could open doors for me. The most noteworthy knock on the door came from an invitation to speak and run a workshop at a conference at CERN in Geneva. On the same billing was the lesser known of the two people who co-invented the world wide web – Dr Robert Caillau. I spoke many times in the UK, was invited to run a workshop in Africa, and got a contracting gig in Australia. 

This was followed by global press coverage from Australia to America, radio appearances, featured guest articles, and UK national magazine and newspaper features.

It was one hell of a ride. 

Right Here, Right Now

I love to help budding authors…

These days, I work privately with motivated clients who are serious about living up to their potential and relish the prospect of becoming a published author.

I help them create detailed book outlines, support them as they write their first draft and, with the help from my team of expert editors, I publish a high-quality book, which meets traditional publishing standards, without the restrictions and hassles that come with signing your ideas away to someone else…

When I Am Not Publishing Books

You sussed me – I’m a nerd…

I enjoy spending even more time behind the keyboard, playing the World of Warcraft video game (#AllianceFTW!). With 12 characters and over eight years playing time, I dread to think how much game-time I have accrued killing off orcs.

I care about creating high standard “corporate quality” results, but I’d rather do it from home without the commute, and without being overrun with tedious emails about pointless meeting invites and staff “snooze letters.”

Want to Work With Me? 

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