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Why you need to write your book with Colette

Hi… if you didn’t already know, I’m Colette Mason – and as a book coach and publisher, I help you get your ideas out of your head, onto the page and into the world.

I’m a firm believer in the notion that when you help others, you help yourself… and throughout my life, books have always been one of the things that were a major help to me.

I also like topics that are off the beaten track. Just like an indie record label looks for an unsigned band to promote, I am on the look out for unsigned authors who need to be heard too.

Whether it’s an encyclopaedia, historical non-fiction or even technical instruction, a well-written and professionally constructed book can legitimately make a difference in the reader’s life – from offering solace in a time of need or the roadmap out of a difficult situation, to igniting a new passion or gifting the knowledge to unlock a new skill set.

Which is why I was always frustrated when I came across so many talented entrepreneurs and businesspeople who didn’t believe their own expertise was enough to warrant writing a book or money-making course…

Or who found it far too time-consuming (not to mention tiring!) to jump through the hoops of traditional publishing with no guarantee their work would ever see a retail shelf (and there are a lot of hoops to jump through!).

I wanted to steal their brains! I wanted what was in their juicy noggins!

Unfortunately, I’m neither a mind-eating monster nor an expert in voodoo. If only they had a book!

It was sad because, as both a techie and a published author, I could see just how easy it was to self-publish, yet people were still so hesitant to get their knowledge out there and into the hands of the people it could help.

And really… who can blame them? Today, an overwhelming amount of product from “vanity” authors is nothing short of shockingly poor. That’s what happens when the iron grip of traditional publishers is undone – quality control drops through the floor.

So when you’ve a professional reputation to protect and “self-published” seems like a dirty word, it’s only natural to want to stay away from it.

That’s why I started coaching and publishing through Let’s Tell Your Story.

I’ve spent 7 years working with authors. I’ve been their friend, helping them navigate the ups and downs of the publishing process. I’ve been their guide, confident, helping them create inspiring books that make a difference.

Many of the authors I work with have never written a book before. They were not professional writers before they connected with me. They were coaches, speakers or professionals in their field.

But with some help and encouragement, they achieved their dream of writing a bestselling book.

From start to finish, it’s self-publishing done right – the quality you’d expect from a traditional big-name publisher with the freedom and control of an independent press.

Here, I take my experience in the publishing game and mash it up with my technical know-how to carry business-minded folk like you from the nugget of an idea right through to the creation of a precisely targeted, value-packed and gold-standard final product.

You just bring that brain of yours and I’ll deliver coaching and courses that walk you step by step through creating a book or educational course of your own. One you can be proud of, and that’ll gain attention and open doors for your business in the most effortless way possible.

No jumping through hoops. No endless repetition of the same stuff. No wasting your time when there’s already enough on your plate.

Just a tried and tested process backed up with superb templates, resources, worksheets, personal guidance and accountability that all together let me:

  • write 6 books of my own in just 5 years
  • help others write and publish 1000s of titles
  • publish multiple Amazon #1 best sellers
  • create digital courses for 6 and 7-figure international entrepreneurs
  • condense what could be a 2-year process into just 12 weeks
  • give authors full copyright of their work with no royalties to pay – so they reap the all rewards of their own work and dedication.

Remember what I said earlier about helping others? That’s what matters to me the most – when I see my published clients getting invited to speaking gigs, asked to write for major publications in their industries and being recognised as the irrefutable experts they simply wouldn’t admit they were.

Of course, now they’re kind of forced to… because the rest of the world is acknowledging their skill.

And I’d love to do the same for you. There’s a hungry audience just waiting out there for you. Talk to me today and let’s make them a meal.

Let’s tell your story!

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