Let me hand you the tested and proven paint by numbers system that is allowing the average and ordinary business person to go from just having a bunch of brilliant ideas in your head to having a 100-300 page book written in weeks not months…

…and keep 100% of the profits from the sales for yourself

Do you wistfully pass the time, staring into space… imagining what it would be like to finally become a respected, published author… yet nothing concrete comes of it?

Does that brilliant, business book burning inside you have an annoying habit of disappearing off your radar?

I get it. Most business owner’s days are a constant merry-go-round of clients to serve… emails to check… proposals to send… blogs to publish… social profiles to update…. speaking gigs… podcasts to record… videos to make… on and on and on, right?

How to find time to write your book

It’s exhausting being a tortured genius, huh?

Crikey, even your downtime is busy. Be honest, on a ‘vacation’ have you ever lugged your laptop along to pull off close to a full day’s work in the wee small hours?

(I’ll put my hand up for many Christmas all-nighters… working rather than partying!)

just when are you supposed to fit in writing your damned book on top of everything else… especially if you suck at writing!? 

Even if your to-do list was more manageable, it’s still easy to doubt yourself.

Could someone like you actually pull this author stunt off? Or will it be commercial suicide? Your reputation ruined as your credibility comes crashing down to earth with a fatal bump?

And savvy business owners would agree you’re right to be concerned, wouldn’t they?

Imagine how many mistakes you make when you’re sailing in choppy, unchartered waters… admin stuff like getting your ISBN in the bag… nerdy stuff…  formatting your words elegantly for print…. cracking the Kindle-version conundrum… and more… arty stuff… eye-catching cover design… marketing stuff… getting it on Amazon… promoting it… selling it!

What a palaver!

But, thinking about who you know now, who can you turn to for advice? What if it ends up a complete shambles…? What if there’s an army of angry readers posting one-star reviews along the lines of “What a tw*t… What were they thinking publishing worthless sh*t”?

Showcasing the crème-de-la-crème of your professional expertise in your book without expert help is as risky (and stressful!) as doing a solo skydive from 10,000 feet, hoping you get the hang of the parachute on your first go…

And that fear of screwing up is why you keep chickening out, correct?

Yet, you still find yourself going full circle again when your favourite client grins and says, “hey you’re good at this stuff, you should write a book about it!!!”

And with your feet firmly on the ground, your heart starts to soar again, “yeah I really should write my book…”

And yes you should… because…

Here’s what happened when Mark published his book  

Mark Burrows

Mark wasn’t sure whether his knowledge as a chicken keeper would be of use to anyone – or if he even knew enough to write his own book – and guess what… a niche nine-month best seller was born! His business received massive publicity and led to:

  • multiple guest expert appearances on UK national and local radio
  • a string of national speaking gigs
  • hired  as a consultant for a leading UK egg producer
  • expert appearances in UK national and local newspapers
  • featured articles in several poultry magazines worldwide

…now just take a second and imagine what it would be like to…

  1. Be featured in the hottest magazines in your niche…
  2. Be written about in the most famous newspapers in your part of the world…
  3. Get welcomed to be a panelist on the most influential TV networks
  4. Have prominent universities asking you for copies of your books for their library…
  5. Receive invitations to be a guest expert on the most popular radio shows addressing your perfect prospects…
  6. Be invited to speak at the prestigious events your audience and colleagues gather at…
  7. Be hired to consult for eye-wateringly high fees from people who want personal access to your expertise

…here’s what happened to Jane when she published her book…

Jane Akshar

Inspired by the allure of Ancient Egypt since reading a book about it aged 9, Jane Akshar emigrated to Luxor in 2003. There, she set up a tourism business and set about using Let’s Tell Your Story to create a string of Egyptology books. As a result, Jane’s business boomed and she was

  • featured in Condé Nast Traveler magazine
  • showcased in the Boston Herald
  • asked to write features for EasyJet magazine on Luxor
  • featured in Lonely Planet Egypt
  • multiple guest appearances on BBC World
  • asked by Oxford University to provide copies of her book
  • the host for world-renowned archaeologists and academics studying Luxor’s Valley of the Kings
  • accessible travel advisor to the Egyptian government

…but isn’t self-publishing for losers..?

Ever thought… “Self-Publishing?  I don’t want to be like those delusional people who ended up hating themselves because they went $10,000 dollars into debt to self-publish a garage full of sh*tty books they can’t even sell to their friends…”

Others think “Screw that!  I’ll go full on DIY! Just get it out there” and be everyone’s favourite,  freebie-seeking friend cajoling anyone and everyone with a pulse to pitch in to help them finish it.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to stumble onto one of those typo-riddled, clunky and unprofessional websites freebie-seeking folks end up with when they call in favours, you’ll understand why that’s an awful strategy to use for your book…

Unless you want it to suck, of course…

The reality of situation is that when people try to wing it when self-publishing… and they don’t have an expert show them how to avoid all the pitfalls… they always end up looking like fools.

…traditional publishing isn’t a bed of roses either…

Let’s start with the deep joy that comes with painstakingly sending off hundreds of pitches only to receive hundreds of rejection letters in response… or worse still no response at all. The big fish in the publishing pond want books that are both mainstream and yet somehow unique – a fine line to tread.

Have you got a massive number of cultish followers that hang off your every word? Around 10,000 is the minimum – they won’t take a punt on an “unknown”.

You’ll also need to relish the idea of relinquishing any control of what becomes of your painstakingly produced expertise.

A traditional publisher has the final say in everything, not you… the cover… the interior… the illustrations… the editing… the launch date… the press and PR… (I have even seen horror stories where the author’s name was misspelt on the cover and they couldn’t get it changed!)

As a thank you for being compliant, the contract will often steal the copyright to your expertise – so you can forget about that audiobook and online course follow-up idea you’re toying with. #ShutUp #GetBackInYourBox

screw that, you deserve something better for your book

My clients avoid the horrors of rip-off vanity publishers and the straight-jacket imposed by the traditional route. My clients take my expert advice and get awesome results like this..

Team GB Paralympic basketball player Dan Highcock’s bestselling wheelchair workout book has been highly praised by the Association of American Surgeons and Physicians.

Florida firefighter, John Lovato Jr.’s book has been an Amazon best seller for fire safety professionals and was the springboard for launching his coaching and speaking career.

From start to finish, I show you how to do self-publishing right… how to get the quality you’d expect from a traditional big-name publisher… with all the freedom and control of an independent press. 

…let’s turn your book dream into a reality…

You get my tried and tested 4-step process backed up with personal support, guidance, and accountability, plus my proprietary book templates and resources, that all together have allowed me to

  • write 6 books of my own in 5 years
  • go on to publish 8 Amazon #1 bestsellers and counting
  • help others write and publish over 3000 titles for the UK Government, including the UK National Curriculum, read by millions
  • condense what could be a 2-year process into just weeks
  • give authors full copyright of their work with no royalties to pay – so they reap all the rewards of their own work and dedication – no strings attached

From start to finish, I show you how to do self-publishing right… how to get the quality you’d expect from a traditional big-name publisher… with all the freedom and control of an independent press.

…yes, but will I recoup my investment…

I don’t run one of those cr*ppy vanity publishing outfits. I want you to get results, not a hernia moving stacks of unsold books out from under the stairs.

Let’s have a look at some of the numbers to see if the return on investment stacks up…

  • Egyptian property developer, Jane Akshar has sold her Egypt tourism book for £11.97 for 6 years. It’s been so popular she has just done a second edition. A typical upsell for accommodation and guided tours is £500, a whopping 4,077% increase in total transaction value 
  • Paralympian Dan Highcock also offers one-to-one 12-week coaching programmes that increase his customer lifetime value by at least 7,940% per client – per programme.And that’s before you consider the recurring subscription income from his membership site.

Lots of people first think of book sale revenue, but that’s small change compared to the money my authors make when readers are desperate to buy their premium ‘done for you’ or ‘done with you’ services. Once my authors have earned their reader’s trust by sharing their knowledge and expertise in the book, it’s a natural progression for people to want to work with them personally.

Imagine what regular, easy upsells would mean to your bottom line?

…let me help you…

With over 3,000 client titles published in 6 years, I know where the pain points are for budding authors and I know how to head them off at the pass.

I know how to get the job done, time and time again.

My approach is super simple and quick. How can I prove that to you?

Well, if I had taken a year to publish each title, I would have needed to be a very ‘early bird’ and start around the time Tutankhamun was pharoah.

Imagine how it would be when I do all the heavy lifting to get you off to a flying start.

All you need to do is talk to me, sit back and let me do the rest.

Together, we have a single conversation, guided by me, and from there I can map out your entire book outline with you, in just 8 hours or less, ready for you to expand on with confidence. At the end of the session, you get an easy to use book template with your outline, and a detailed expert walkthrough of your entire book concept.

As you finish your book, I help, support and encourage you as you explain your points, using the same, easy conversational tone you use during over a coffee with a great client – it’s that informal, practical and personal delivery that gets readers hanging off your every word too.

You don’t need to conjure up a magical rip-roaring read like J K Rowling. Nor is it necessary to cram the pages full of complicated words so you sound like you ate the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica for breakfast – your usual friendly, clear and concise tone is perfect for a nonfiction book.

What’s more, with our regular check-ins and advice, I will be in your corner, cheering you to victory every step of the way.

Once your final draft is ready, you can put your feet up as my publishing team edit and proofread your book, format it beautifully for print and Kindle, create an eye-catching cover and handle the launch, and drum up publicity too.

It’s a no-brainer. I have the know-how and experts to call upon to create the same professional result you would expect from a traditional publisher – with none of the hassles that come with handing over control and losing the copyright to your hard-earned expertise.

…Colette’s guarantee…

If you are genuinely ready to write your book, contact me and I’ll create a personalised Author Readiness Report to discuss your book idea.

If after your first session, you don’t feel I have the capabilities to get you a great result… or you simply don’t feel 100% comfortable with my honesty and integrity… I want you to tell me and I will personally pay you £200 out of my own pocket as an apology for wasting your valuable time.

I can’t say fairer than that.

…ready to rock…

The most important thing to do is book your Author Readiness Report now. You can see from the experiences of my published authors if you write your book with me amazing things can happen!

Which option feels right for you?

Still got a question? We're here to help... ask away...

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