I’d like to welcome you to another one of my training videos about the principles of publishing success for speakers. This is point five out of eight in this video.

My point for this one is add your book to your speaker sheet. What do I mean?

Often when I’ve been speaking at events, I’ve handed out a little promotional piece of paper left it on all the chairs, telling people a little bit more about me, how they can get in touch with me, just something they can put in their bags and take away with them.

If they forget to jot down my details from my contact me slide, they can still get in touch after the event.

Why not link to your book and reference your book on that speaker sheet?

All the way through this series I’ve said how important it is to focus on your readers and what they want out of the book. When you’ve got that information at your fingertips, the benefits of the book that readers will achieve, it’s so easy to put your promotional  materials including your speaker sheet.

It also lets people know that the book’s available at the speaking event and you can make money from sales and help more people by getting your book out there in the marketplace.

You can also offer related material, perhaps on stage, you’re going to be covering everything that a novice needs to know about something, why not have a resource or a toolkit or a set of forms or a workbook that people can buy or perhaps you want to offer more advanced materials or related materials.

Say it was a book on growing fruit in your garden at home perhaps you want to sell your growing vegetables book because people want to know about that too so it could be a related book. There’s lot of different ways you could take advantage of your speaking events and use your book to make yourself some more money each time you speak.

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