Welcome to another one of my three-in-one bite size bestseller boot camp training videos.

This is another one in the series about book publishing success for speakers. I’m going to be covering point number four of eight.

Point number four is use your book to build credibility and trust.

Nothing builds reader rapport better than a good quality book. They can look at your information and they can – if you like  – try before they buy. They can try out some of your ideas or think about some of your ideas, see how they feel about it.

If they feel good, then they’re going to want to learn more from you. It helps to build reader rapport. It’s a really good technique for building relationships that can then turn into business relationships with customers. It makes sense to reveal your personality in your book. It’s one way of making your book different to everybody else that’s out there on the shelf. Also, it’s a way of attracting people that you want to work with.

Some people are quite jokey and lighthearted about the way they conduct their business. They don’t take things too seriously. They can have fun with their clients when they’re teaching them, make things lighthearted. Other people, perhaps if you’re in an arena like the law, you would want a much more serious book, a much more trustworthy book, a much more reserved book.

That “tone” would come across in your personality and a written word.

You can help attract the sort of people that you want to work with by the style of language that you use, the approach that you take.

By working with the sorts of people you enjoy working with, work becomes more fun. It’s a great way to be a successful speaker. It also makes up selling easier.

As I’ve mentioned in some of the other videos, once you’ve built that rapport and trust with people and they’ve road tested some of your ideas, they’re much more likely to go for your more expensive items, things that you offer or perhaps you refer people on to other businesses and you give a commission, whatever it is however you help people, once you’ve built that rapport offering them other things becomes much easier so do bear that in mind.

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