I’m here to talk to you today about another aspect of book publishing success for speakers. I’m going to be covering point three of eight points in this series.

What I’d like you to do is think about your book as a mechanism for getting more speaking opportunities. How?

When you write your book, you have to promote it. Otherwise it gets lost under the noise of everything else going on in the marketplace and all the other places that people can get information from, whether it’s free or paid or online or offline or word of mouth.

Your information will get lost in this huge “soup” of information out there. You have to promote it. Because you’re promoting it to

  • people in your industry
  • your niche
  • your field

people are going to see that your book is available and they may ask you to speak at their event to cover some of the ideas in your book.

This is how you can get more opportunities.

If you get approached like that send a book sample to the person organizing the event.

There’s nothing like the credibility boost that comes with a physical book that people can pick up and flick through, look at, highlight, read.

It makes you look like an expert, so as soon as you sent that book across. People see and feel the quality of the book with the clear, concise information that you put in there.

They’re going to want you speaking at their event aren’t they, if your book is covering the right area. That’s really good, use your book in that way.

You can also use it as a sweetener. You can say, “Okay I’d like to speak at your event and I will give everybody who attends a copy of my book.

The publishing cost of a book in for a short run is extremely affordable, particularly if you plan to up sell further services, workshops, coaching, done for you services, whatever it is you plan to offer customers.

If you’re going to be speaking at an event, you could give copy to all of the delegates and it wouldn’t break the bank. It will bring in extra business. It’s something free that the event’s organizer can put in goody bags and that sort of thing. It helps to create a good vibe for their event, so everybody wins. Do consider that when it comes to promoting your book as a speaker.


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