Thanks for joining me on another one of my three in one bite size bestseller boot camp training videos where I give you three pieces of advice you can use as a budding author. This set of videos is about eight principles for book publishing success for speakers.

My first point I’d like to share with you is the importance of research.

It’s important that you know your readers just like when you’re giving a presentation you know who’s in the audience and you can tailor your content to those people. It’s exactly the same for a book. You need to know who’s going to be sat there reading it, applying what you’re teaching, learning what you’re teaching, get inspired about what you’re teaching. Because when you do that, the book becomes a lot more reader focused.

When it’s reader focused, it sells better and it gets better results for your readers.

You don’t want to be the equivalent of a crashing bore at a party just blindly going on and on and on. You want to be vibrant and exciting and thought leader, passionate about your subject. That only happens when you flip things around and look at it from a readers perspective and give it then in the format that’s going to be the most exciting for them to use.

A good idea is to review other books during the research process.

Look for common things.

Some people think when they write a book, there’s already been some books written on this topic or that topic, I won’t be the first. It doesn’t really matter.

No book is going to be exactly like yours because people don’t have your

  • experience
  • client base
  • case studies

They’ll have overcome different problems to you perhaps if it’s a self help book that you’re putting together. Nobody is going to have lived the same life as you. It will be different.

I do recommend that you look at other bestselling books to make sure that you don’t miss out anything obvious. Look at the reviews that books get on Amazon.

Why do people say

  • I really like this section
  • that section was a bit confusing
  • that section droned on a bit

Get some feedback and use that to help you come up with your outline and make your book a success.

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