Thanks for joining me on another one of my three-in-one bite size boot camp training videos where I give you three tips to help you become a more successful author. These sets of videos are related to questions you should ask yourself as a speaker before you commence writing your own book. It’s all really focusing on the planning stage.

My seventh point of eight is how can you support the reader to get results.

We’ve spoken about

  • the sort of information you need to provide
  • why you need to provide it
  • how to make sure you meet all the critical things that people need to understand

This is a bit more about how do you deliver the information. What you can do is you can offer downloads from your website which a website is great for promotion. It’s great for giving a mechanism for people to find your contact details. It’s also great for sharing information.

If people come to your website to grab a download, they might see other things that you offer. It’s great for marketing to ask people to come to your website to grab some downloads. Those downloads can be checklists or forms, templates, maps, anything like that that’s going to help people where they can print it out at home. They don’t have to write on their book or tear pages out of their book to take a little bit away. It’s really helpful.

In the olden days, you’d probably get your book and photocopy it a lot, but now we can give people electronic copies and they can print it out. Perhaps you might have something like how to give people customer service questionnaires. Just have ones that they can download, stick their logo on, edit a few questions and go off and use these, what time saving things can you give people in a downloadable format.

Also alternative formats is something I’ve spoken about before. Those are the things you could add on later on. You could say “please visit my website for more audio samples”. Then you could just add in the samples as you get them recorded. You try not to have them linking directly to parts of your website in case the links change and things like that. You don’t want broken links in your book because then you have to revise the book or revise the links and it’s a nuisance.

If it’s easy to provide an alternative format and you can do it go ahead.

If it meets a need and there’s a strong reason for meeting that need, consider the alternative formats. Also you can provide feedback by giving people a forum. They could come visit and forum and you could have questions and answers where it’s quite a good use of your time where you can help multiple people at once using the free forum and use that as a mechanism to then up sell to paid forms and masterminds and coaching to which I’ll speak a little bit more in the next video.

Thanks very much for watching this one.

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