Thanks for joining me on item five of my eight questions you need to ask yourself as a speaker before you write your own book.

This is one of my bite size bestseller boot camp videos where I give you three tips to help you become more successful as an author.

The tip I’ve got for you is “what do you need to explain to your reader to get results”?

We’ve worked out

  • who they are
  • what they want they achieve
  • why it matters

We need a checklist at this point.

  • what knowledge and skills do they need to master to get that result
  • how do we give them that knowledge and skills
  • how are we going to support them as they do that

We need a very precise content grid

  • what they need to know
  • why they need to know it
  • how they’re going to do it
  • how are we going to do it the easy way
  • how we stop them doing it the hard way

Then think about those learning styles again. Do people need a flow chart. Sometimes when you’re describing a process and it could branch off in different ways depending on the outcomes that you get then a flow chart is a great way of showing that short of information. Do you plan to do this at the weekend? Yes or no and you’d follow whichever route made sense.

If you do that in text, you don’t get that idea of branching and sequence and the overall flow, hence the flow chart.

Think about learning styles. Think about the most efficient and effective way to present the information to ensure that the readers get the results you’ve promised them on the back cover, buy this book and you’ll be able to do these things. Make sure you’ve catered for all of those needs. Then when you come to promote the book later it’s so easy to say, “I can help you overcome this particular issue using these techniques.” It’s just great. It just makes promotion a breeze.

The more copies of the book you sell the more successful you’ll become.

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