Here’s another video in my series of eight questions you need to ask yourself as a speaker before you write your own book.

This one is called what outcome do your readers want. What will mastery mean to them? This is very specific. Before we were looking at people’s lifestyles, their general makeup, their characteristics.

  • We take that and now we want to know what will mastery mean to them.
  • What specifically will they be able to do once they’ve mastered what you’re sharing?
  • What skills will they have?
  • What techniques will they have?
  • What processes will they follow?
  • What understanding with thet have developed?
  • What new abilities with they have gained?
  • What will mastery really mean to them? What will it really give them?
  • Why is this is book going to be useful

In order for your readers to master those things

what do you need to tell them

in what sequence

in what depth

in what way.

The real question is how can you make mastery

  • as simple as possible
  • as quick as possible
  • as painless as possible

for your readers. They are trusting you, the author, to help them achieve something.

For each thing they need to master you need to give a strategy to help them achieve that.

And building on that,

  • how will they know they will have mastered it
  • how you give them feedback if they’re struggling
  • how you give praise and congratulation if they’ve got it right.

That all needs to be fitted in together into your book.

Ask yourself who is going to benefit.

  • how are they going to benefit from mastering this
  • or is somebody else going to benefit

Imagine a book on better parenting skills – the whole family benefits because there’s less tension in the household.

Really concentrate on how are your readers are going to benefit?

What is it, because tis key information not only to guide you in your writing, but also to guide you in your promotion of the book. This understanding of how your information helps people and the benefits they get from that are gold dust when it comes to coming up with your promotional strategies. (I’ll be covering that in some other videos specifically about book promotion).

If you’re embarking on writing your own book, I’d love to hear from you.

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