Thanks for joining me in question number four of eight questions you need to ask yourself as speaker before you publish your own book. This step is called what stops them, the readers, from getting the outcome they want? What are the obstacles that they face? For instance if somebody is looking to learn a foreign language if you’ve just got the book you can’t hear the native speaker. You can’t hear what you’re aiming for with the pronunciation of the words. That’s a big hindrance. That will stop somebody from learning the language effectively.

You need to make sure they’ve got access to some audio whether you put a CD in the back of your book or you offered some audio downloads, these are part of the marketing strategies we’ve talked about in other videos you could do that. What stops people from mastering your thing? Time, effort, money, understanding, resolve, process. What is it? Then come up with solutions to solve that for people. Give them feedback that they’re doing it properly as I mentioned you need to have quizzes and questions, feedback, things for people to fill out.

If you were saying I need you to write your author biography. I need you to do one that’s two hundred words, five hundred words and eight hundred words. People know how long those bios need to be and they can edit their text accordingly so you give them a steer, give them some milestones, give them some guidance on what they need to do.

Also in terms of getting to an outcome, you might have seen this in the Dummies books, but they often have little paragraphs or sentences with an icon next to it saying tip or warning or critical so they can stop people doing something that might harm them, give them advice to stop problems occurring so that they’ve got more motivation to complete the book, just some things to think about.

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