We’re looking at eight rules to speakers who want to publish a book. Point number seven in my list is consistent branding.

What do I mean by this?

I think that the look and feel of your book should match the look and feel of your website.

Your branding should match the look and feel of

  • your presentation slides
  • your popup banners
  • your leaflets
  • your speaker handouts…

Everything should have consistent branding.

Because if people seen you speak on stage, perhaps they’ve seen your logo or something else, a particular headshot of you on the slides… that starts to build up an image in their minds. When they see that artwork on another thing that you’ve produced,perhaps they found one of your presentations good quality, then they start to think “I’ll probably find that book good too”.

It’s guilty by association if you like.

You’re just harnessing the power of what you’re already really good at – speaking – and using that to build credibility and trust in your book and your written word. It’s a really simple way of getting a really big benefit [a credibility boost] and also saves money.

Once you spend a reasonable amount coming up with a good “brand”, then you can use it everywhere with confidence. It just helps you look a step above everybody else out there in the marketplace.

It can also help with personal branding.

As a speaker, personality is particularly important

  • your experience
  • your background
  • your history
  • your client list

all those things help to create your personal brand.

By tying your personal brand in with a graphical brand, it all starts to gel really well and positions you as an expert in your marketplace. We know that that brings about lots of great opportunities, doesn’t it when you’re seen as an expert in your field?

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