Hi, I’m Colette Mason and welcome to another one of my bite size bestseller boot camp training videos where I give you three tips you can apply as a perspective author. In these set of videos, I’m looking at eight rules for speakers who want to self-publish a book.

My first main point is quality is paramount. That makes sense doesn’t it?

You need to be clear, concise and engaging don’t you, when you’re putting together a book. Just like a presentation.

You don’t want to be droning on at the front of a presentation or an event that you’re speaking at and people are nodding off or reaching for coffees, shuffling in their seats. That’s not what you want to create a good atmosphere at an event. It’s certainly not what you want to create on paper either.

If you think about all the things that make a presentation bad, no real interaction with the audience, the speaker droning on and on and on, irrelevant points being included, really wordy slides – you’ve seen this sort of thing that I mean, firsthand.

You don’t want your book to be like that and even though it’s “static, in “print”, it can still be engaging. You could

  • add little cartoons to make things humorous.
  • add in little anecdotes or case studies where you’ve been working with people or doing something and you’ve been applying the knowledge that you’re sharing in the book and show people that you’ve got a human side.
  • add things like quizzes and exercises in your book “I’ll give people template forms to fill out”.

Again to make it engaging and not just the same old way over and over again in print. Quality is paramount really, so your writing needs to be concise, clear, effective, easy to follow, inspiring all those things. Always bear that in mind when you’re writing and you’ll come up with a much better quality book.

Thanks for watching this video.

If you’d like to find out a little bit more, let me know about your book project.

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