Thanks very much for joining me on another one of my bestseller boot camp videos. I’m going to give you three tips that you can use as a budding author to help boost your success. This is the last in my series of four videos about what you need to know when publishing your first book as a speaker.

My final point is don’t reinvent the wheel. There is a little niggling doubt I think in people’s minds when they first start writing their book and they think wow, how can I make my stuff groundbreaking, completely different, not like anybody else’s? The answer is you probably can’t.

There’s billions of books that have been published and that means there’s a good chance there’s going to be at least one on your subject. You have to just roll with the punches and take that. What I recommend you do is have a look at five bestsellers of a book in your niche.

Look at the common information:

  • what topics are covered in all the books
  • hat topics are covered in some of the books
  • how did those books explain the information
    • did they use pictures
    • did they link to videos online
    • did they link to resources online
    • did they link to websites
    • what did they do
  • how did they explain the information that sells

Look at what you can do with that in your own book. Then you need to add in your personality and your take. Your personality will be your characteristics and also how you like to work, who you’ve worked with, how you go about things. Do you use humor to lighten the mood when somebody might be struggling or are you more empathetic and encouraging? However you help people get results, however you connect with people that should come across in your written word as well.

It will make your book a lot more successful. It brings it to life. It’s not just a drab list of facts of ideas. It’s somebody’s whole take on an idea, somebody who has mastered that subject, somebody who understands that subject, somebody who’s lived through that subject. It comes across on paper really well, so do that put that in.

It helps build rapport. Rapport helps build sales. Rapport helps you build your speaking business. Always think of that when you’re writing things down, when you’re putting your book together because it will bring you more success in the long run.

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