Hello to the first in my sequence of videos on the traits of successful speakers who have published their own book.

I want you to treat your book as an in-depth business card.

With a business card, you’re limited to your name, your job title, perhaps a company name and an address, perhaps a link to your social media profile so that’s it. That’s all you can fit on that card really.

You’re really limited in terms of building relationships and rapport.

However, if you create a small, in-depth book, you can give that to somebody…

  • they can slip it in their pocket
  • slip it in a bag
  • take it away with them
  • read it at their leisure
  • find out about you
  • what makes you tick
  • what makes you an expert
  • what makes you credible
  • what’s given you the skills and knowledge you can share with others

They get to find that out.

That is brilliant for building trust and credibility with potential customers.

To harness that even further, my next little tip to do with the book as a business card idea is to make sure it’s super simple for people to know how to contact you. Have a telephone number. Have an email address, perhaps have a contact form on a website, Skype if you use Skype. Have all of these different contact methods so people can get in touch with you and let you know they want to work with you.

There are some tools online that let you book appointments with a consultant, so you can go to some of these websites see when the consultant is available, a person interested in talking with them. The customer clicks an appointment and they get a confirmation text, the person running the session gets a text too you can meet up together really easily.

That’s a nice way of managing your scheduling and people can get in touch with you. Think about that. It makes sense.

  • Have a really good follow up process.
  • When people do get in touch with you, what are you going to tell them?
  • Are you going to ask them how they felt about the book?
  • Are you going to ask them do they need particular help?
  • Is there something you can do for them?
  • Are you going to have your other training materials available
  • so you can talk about those and offer it to them?



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