Thanks for joining me on another one of my three-in-one bite size bestseller bootcamp training videos where I give you three tips to help you become an author.

This series of videos is about the four traits of successful speakers who have published their own book.

I’m looking at point number four here which is all about building on that book.

The book as I mentioned before, your book offers you the chance to build rapport with potential customers.

If you’re clever about it, those customers could be high-ticket customers looking for coaching, looking for joining a mastermind group with other go-getting people for instance.

These are high value follow-ons and these are what help make success.

When you put your book on Amazon, the reason why people go to Amazon is because they get absolute rock bottom prices and bargains, yes. You don’t need to be a genius to work out where that margin disappears from. It’s going to disappear from the author’s market share.

Having a book on Amazon is great – it gets the message out there. That helps you build rapport and credibility with people, but in terms of your bottom line it may not be brilliant especially with online book sellers who set the price and not you. By having these follow-on products and services, you can offer high margin prices.

Let’s say you’re offering a course on pottery for argument’s sake. Now if you’re going to have a go at pottery it helps to have a potter’s wheel and a kiln and all those other things which people may not have at home or they may not have them to the same standard that you can get access to.

That means you might want to run a pottery workshop, at a venue with access to those resources. People come along to your course because they’ve learnt more about you through the book. Of course you can charge a lot more for a one-, two-, three-day residential course than you ever could for a book.

Because you’ve got the book, it naturally leads on to new opportunities and variety for you.

You could

  • run online groups websites
  • have a forum where people could ask questions

which helps to build an online community.

There’s lots of different ways you can with people and share your knowledge and keep things fresh.

If you’re just speaking on stage day after day, it can get a bit monotonous and if you’re like me, you need variety in life then having these different

  • formats
  • ways of offering information
  • ways of helping people

it just adds to a much more vibrant and exciting life so do take advantage of that too.



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