Looking for the easy way to plan, write and publish your first book?  Read on!

You’re in luck because this straightforward, step-by-step guide shows you that writing and publishing a book is a lot easier than you perhaps thought!

It will:

  • teach you how to plan and write your book
  • give you helpful tips on creating a professional-looking result
  • inspire you with lots of ideas about how to promote your brand new book!

Let’s start by dispelling a major myth – that myth is that you have to be a talented writer using a traditional publisher to become an author. It just isn’t so anymore.

And relax, you don’t need the literary prowess of Steven King to write a book. If you have ever  explained your ideas during a face-to-face chat, or over quick phone call or a 5-minute throwaway email, then you can take those words and add them to your book.  It really is that simple.

What you do need to do is decide and commit to share your ideas in a book.

I’m Colette Mason, your personal book coach.  This is my short guide on how to write your own professional nonfiction book, the
quick and easy way.

This guide covers a quick and simple 5-step process  you can use to get your book written and published

I share this course with my NaNoWriMo nonfiction authors, during November. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing in a Month (…erm… month 🙂 ), where tens of thousands of people choose to write their book.

So – you’ve decided you want to write your book, yes?

Ready? Then let us begin. I’ll publish the first lesson on Monday. All you need to do today is think about what you want to write about between now and then. (Check out some of my research posts for more ideas.)


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