Let’s have a quick recap

The “define” process is your research and discovery phase where you work out

  • a book topic that will interest you and benefit your readers
  • how to add in your personality and teaching style to good effect
  • what readers need to know
  • how other bestsellers met those readers needs
  • how to analyse all those factors and come up with your unique take

We then create the outline, which I call the alpha version of your book.

This is the smallest most, minimal version of what you plan to cover. Get some feedback on it to make sure it’s heading in the right direction.

Your outline also gives you a set of easy milestones to aim for. It breaks down the task into bitesize chunks, which kills off those feelings of overwhelm. You’re just expanding a few bullet points a day. Simple.

Your completed outline becomes your first draft of your book. The beta.

All your ideas are out of your head and on the page as your expanded book outline.

Then comes the review, which you kick off by giving your draft a quick health check. Make sure it’s in a suitable condition to pass onto your reviewers.

Try to choose reviewers who are also your target readers.

Your reviewers complete your review form, which gives you some high-level feedback on the quality of your information.

Check there are no underlying mistakes in your approach. Assess your feedback and decide on a list of planned improvements to make to guarantee all reader needs are met. Your final draft is then complete.

Once you are confident your final draft content is stable, it’s time to make sure there are no proofreading or formatting mistakes remaining.

Then, order your printed proof, also known as you galley copy.

Check you have a perfect printed copy, and then begin your launch.

Launch your book by creating a promotional press pack and liaise with journalists, podcasters, bloggers, potential business partners. These people help you get the word out about your book. They explain why it’s a good read and where their audience can pick up a copy.

This publicity provides a big boost to your credibility.

The good news is that stage you’re a published author! You have made it to the finishing line of this training video. All you need to do now is take action, follow the advice and get to the finishing line of writing your book.

I wish you all success of your book project. Writing a good quality professional book is a fantastic feeling and opens up fantastic opportunities. I can’t wait for you to know what that’s like first-hand.

Please let me know your success stories, I love hearing about them.

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