Are you wondering how you will make money with your books to recoup your investment?

Boost your credibility

Now the reasons for writing a book are threefold. By boosting your credibility you get more professional opportunities. You also get the opportunity to help more people. Not everyone can afford to work with you one to one, so by writing your information down in a book you can help more people.

That means it’s worth spending some time and money getting your book right. You want to recoup that investment. How do we do that?

Share the complete system

The first thing is put the full system in the book. I’ve worked with people and I’ve read the book and I keep thinking, “There’s some really key parts of this missing.”

I get to the very end of the book where I kind of, “Ugh, wasted my time here. I’ve not got a complete system.” And it’s because the author wants to upsell some sort of workshop or video series, whatever it is, they want to sell people the to give them the missing bits of the puzzle afterwards. They’ve turned their book into what’s called a lead magnet. You’ve probably seen lead magnets on websites. They’re those free giveaway things you get for opting in to somebody’s newsletter or mailing list. Those are very lightweight flimsy documents designed to show that you’ve got some credibility so the person asks for more help (which you sell them).

Your book should be there as your life’s work. It is there to share critical information you have picked up throughout your professional career. If you only give readers part of the system, they’re going to get really pissed off. They don’t want that. They want the full system. They want to get the results.

That’s how you make money there, is give them the full system, and then you offer them the following options.

You can offer them a “done-for-you or a “done-with-you service”, or you could just have a support function where people, like-minded people get together.

The done-for-you and done-with-you offer is where you can help them implement the system that you’re sharing in the book. Just because people understand something they don’t always want to do it themselves.

Sometimes we read books because we want to understand about the subject and then we want somebody else to guide us as well, to make sure we don’t screw up. You can make money by offering that help.

When you’re putting the book together and describing the system that you shared in the book,you need to think about, how am I going to offer this to a global audience, what am I going to do, who do I need to help me with this online business.

Don’t keep talking about you – talk about them

Also do not bang on the about yourself. The amount of times I have to delete whole paragraphs of people’s books, whole pages, half a chapter is when they talk about themselves. Sometimes people want to share a story to illustrate a point. That story just needs to flesh out the point or it needs to be a tiny piece of evidence that what you’re saying works.

If you start peacocking with, “In my platinum one-to-one group I was speaking to Dave and he was really struggling to do this or that. But we worked together when he was on my high ticket coaching programme in Bali…blah blah blah”

You don’t put that kind of “advert stuff” in the middle of your book. It looks lame. It is just like adverts in a TV show. It doesn’t work. It ruins the flow and it makes you look a bit of a tool. So don’t do that either to try and make money.

Build trust then make an offer

Build trust with the book, share the complete system. At the end say, “If you’d like me to help you with this, we’ve got my team to help you. Here’s how we do that.”

That’s how to make money out of your book.

If you want to have more information, or get in touch with me, just visit the website, and I’m happy to give you some more advice.

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