Photos and custom artwork enhances your book

When it comes to book origination, depending on your subject matter you may wish to include photographs, diagrams, charts, tables. For example, if you have written a book about gym exercises it would be easier to add photographs of what the key positions look like than just rely on to describe them.

Fitting photos and artwork into your text

It is possible to include photos into your manuscript using Word and then ‘wrap’ your text around the photo. This can be tricky to get perfect positioning, or the artwork large enough for annotations to be readable. In this case you may opt to have your text on one page and then have the accompanying illustration or photo on the opposite page. You’ll want those to be on facing pages, so it’s easier for the reader.

Remember to leave enough space to insert the photo or illustration later

Sometimes you will have a photo in mind, but not have it to hand. Whilst writing your book, you can add a simple square box with a caption. Altrnatively, add a similar placeholder graphic to help you explain your point, then seek out a final phto.

If your book is about something hand crafted, such as a cookbook or a hobby where you need to show what a finished product looks like, then photos or illustrations will be essential. Use your own photos than using ‘stock’ photos from the internet.

Copyright must always be considered when using online photos. Doublecheck the licence you have covers you for print and digital distribution.

Add your photo to the back cover not the front

Very few book buyers just browse book store shelves anymore. When people walk into a book store or visit an online book store, it is often because they are specifically looking for a book that someone else has recommended. They may search online by topic but they are more likely to search for the exact title of a book they’ve heard about. Make the title stand out.

If it makes sense for the topic of the book and it showcases your expertise, research or, in the case of a memoir, your life story, then the answer is yes!

For the majority of nonfiction books – the answer is no.

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