In this video, we’re going to look at one of the six steps to publishing your own successful book.

Research is key.

When you’re writing a book, you need to research the outline. You don’t just start writing. You have to think about it, don’t you? Just like when you’re creating a presentation you’re going to give to people, you work out

  • how you’re going to introduce the ideas
  • how to explain them
  • how you’re going to sum it up at the end

It’s exactly the same with your book.

By having an outline, you make sure that you stay on target because a few minutes spent talking on stage that aren’t quite relevant doesn’t matter “too” much. But in a book if you got any bits in that aren’t relevant or aren’t really helpful to the reader, they’re going to need cutting out. Worst case, they’re going to be proofread and edited before you realize that explanation shouldn’t have even been in there in the first place.

Your book outline is your insurance policy for success.

By following the outline, you can save time.

  • you’re not going to ramble
  • you’ve got a set amount of material that you want to cover
  • you’ve also got an outline that you can use for milestones

A lot of people come to me when they say they want to write a book and they feel quite overwhelmed at the amount of it. Yet if I ask them to talk around some bullet points on some slides, they find that much easier to do.

By having the outline, you can also break things down into manageable chunks that you’re going to explain, can’t you?

That’s why I think researching your outline is absolutely critical to self-publishing a successful book.

I’ll see you on the next tip. Thanks for watching.

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