Thanks for joining me on another one of my bestseller boot camp videos where I give you three tips as a perspective author that makes book publishing a breeze. These set of videos are entitled how to make money as a speaker using your book. Point number five that I’m going to share with you is show who you are in your book.

Be yourself. Your book is a great tool for building trust with people, trust and rapport.

People buy from people that they like and know and trust so that’s one reason why you’d make more money. However if you’re perhaps a therapist, something like that, where people have got lots of trust issues

  • they have had a very tough experience in life that they may be just coming out of or
  • they’re still living through this tough experience

then by giving them the book, they can trust you in the printed format first before they might come and see you face-to-face for counseling or therapy.

If you’re in those sorts of areas, personal development and self help, then building trust with people who are feeling delicate is a very important thing and a very good thing to do in your business. Also be inspirational in your book. Who wants to read another dirge? Nobody.

You should be exciting leading from the front, putting fire in people’s bellies saying “you can do this”

  • let’s do this
  • let’s do more
  • let’s master something
  • let’s make a difference
  • let’s change our lives
  • let’s have more fun

Whatever it is that enthusiasm and commitment needs to come across in your book.

It shouldn’t be bland and dull and just purely factual.

It should make a difference.

By showing who you are and being passionate and enthusiastic about your subject that’s how you get a good reputation as an educator, a trainer, a guide… a mentor.

People will  be talking about what a good feeling they had learning from you and that will in turn generate more book sales.

Put some vim and vigor and personality into what you do. It will yield benefits.

Finally by being yourself you build stronger rapport. People like being with people who are like them, whatever it happens to be.

  • If you are a very focused person, focused people like learning for other focused people.
  • People who are good at time keeping like going around with other people who are good at timekeeping

and so on.

Once people start to see similarities between themselves and between you and the personality that you’re revealing on paper you build much stronger rapport, build more trust and as I’ve mentioned that makes life a lot easier for you and the reader to get some really good results in life.

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