Hi, Colette Mason here and thanks for joining me on my last video in this series of how to easily make money as a speaker using your book.

These are a set of short bestseller boot camp videos where I give you three tips that can help you become a more successful author. My last point in this series is about multiple formats. I’ve touched on multiple formats a little bit in some of the other videos but I’ve got something special to mention on this one.

Creating different formats of material help different learning styles.

You might have somebody who’s listening to an audio book – they could do the gardening at the same time. They could listen to an audio book teaching them German, for instance.

With audio, they could do multiple things at once. That’s a great thing about audio books.

Also, some people have difficulty with reading. They could be dyslexic. Perhaps they’re blind or they’ve got other things affecting their eyesight – then an audio book is obviously the best way to share information with those people.

If it’s a book where the reader needs to master lots of facts, then a workbook, where people can write answers in the book makes sense. They keep on working through the book and build up a plan, build up a strategy,  as they read which they then go and apply once the book is finished. That would be best as a nice, large. workbook-format book.

You could do video formats where you demonstrate things or you talk to camera like a news presenter. People could watch and learn from that. Perhaps you cut away to images or video clips of things that you’re describing. Again, it’s another way of learning.

Unfortunately, often, the cheapest perceived value for all those formats is books and ebooks. You can on Amazon and you can buy books for one pence plus postage. Ebooks can be free. They are rock bottom prices.

As an expert in your field, you don’t want to be selling your knowledge at a rock bottom price.

You want to be selling it at top dollar price. By offering

  • different formats
  • different ways of learning
  • different ways of interacting with the information

you can separate yourself from the rock bottom cheap eBook market because that’s not where you want to be.

It also means some variety. You might want to

  • run online teleconferences with people to share the information.
  • to do webinars where you share your screen with a presentation on it with people all around the world

Whole new sets of opportunities can be taken advantage of by you.

Once you’ve got this outline of information that gets people results, then you can offer it in all sorts of different formats.

It gives you lots of variety in how you can work and who you can work with, and I think that’s really important. Certainly when I’m doing things I need a lot of variety in what I do. I can’t exactly do the same thing over and over again. Multiple formats means multiple opportunities.

If you’d like to produce a book or an audio book as a speaker or any of the other formats we have thought about then please do get in touch.

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