Thanks for joining me on my video series on four things that you need to know when publishing your first book as a speaker.

This second point again is focusing on reader’s needs.

When you write a book, it has to be focused on the reader.

  • It is not about you.
  • It is not about your ego.
  • It is not a writing exercise.

You are putting together a toolkit, an idea, a process, an inspirational piece of work that is going to help people make a difference in their lives, whether that’s their business or their personal life, their relationships, financial concerns, whatever it is. The book is all about the reader. It is not about you.

You need to keep it short and get your point across as quickly as possible.

I’ve mentioned that I come from an IT background.

One of the things that you learn when you’re launching software is you look at

  • what the software needs to do
  • what is the bare minimum that you can code that’s going to give the end user the right result

It’s not the bare minimum because of laziness or anything like that. It’s the bare minimum because

  • it will get launched quicker
  • it will be less complicated

It will be easier to follow, easier to maintain, and easier to build other bits in later on.

You need to make that about your book, the minimum viable product, so you can get it written quickly and you can get it done and out there. Again all killer no filler. Focus on the bare minimum that you need to tell people to get really great results. They’ll love you for it. Nobody wants to wade through a massive “THUD-factor” book just for the sake of it. They just want to know what they need to know and get on and apply it.

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