Thanks for joining me on another one of my bitesize bestseller boot camp videos. This one is all about another way to make money as a speaker using your book. It touches on some of the other points I’ve made already, but it is important to give away your book to high-ticket prospects.

It’s a great way to prove that you’re credible and give them a chance to try out your knowledge and services before you buy.

A nice, respectful way to do this is to give people the book and suggest that they apply some of the knowledge and then follow them up with a feedback call and ask them, “Hey how did you get on? How did you get on following up with these ideas? Was it straightforward? Did you struggle with anything? Do you need anything else? Can I help you with those things?”

It opens up that dialogue, so you can start working with them and showing them that you can solve their problems through this discussion, just by asking “how have you applied what I taught you? How did it go?”

This technique is a great way to open up other revenue streams to you as a consultant.

It’s definitely worth considering.

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