Welcome to another one of my bitesize bestseller boot camp training videos where I give perspective authors three great tips they can use as they write their first book. This series is all about six ways you can easily make money using your book as a speaker. I’m looking at point two.

Use your book for lead generation.

When you offer a high ticket service, perhaps you’re a consultant or a trainer and you offer an expensive service, a great way to convert a prospect into a customer is to give them a copy of your book.

I’ve mentioned in other videos being an author positions you as an expert and allows you to command a higher price for your knowledge and skills.

By giving away your book, you’re

  • building trust
  • building rapport
  • building credibility

People can try your knowledge before they buy any more of it from you. It’s a great way to get rid of any sales objections about trust that might stop then from working with you.

A discussion about your book creates a genuine reason to follow up. Contacting the customer doesn’t have to overtly be about the sale you ultimately want. It could be just asking for feedback on your book or have somebody try out some of the ideas and let know how you get on.

It is really nice and informal but it gives you a reason to reach out to that person again and to start getting them further into your sales process and convert them from a prospect into a customer.

Another thing you can do in your book is just be quite up front about it and have a section at the back explaining

  • how you can work with me
  • how to book me as a speaker

So remember, you can upsell your more expensive products, services, that way by letting people know that they’re available and using the credibility and trust that’s come from reading the book to help convert the sale.


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