Welcome to the first of a series of videos in my three-in-one bestseller boot camp series. There’s six videos here about how you can easily make money with your book as a speaker.

Let’s make a start with number one. A book positions you as an expert. I think that’s a given. People aren’t going to argue with that assumption.

Once you’ve got your knowledge out of your head and into a nicely-formatted, physical book that you can

  • give to people
  • share with people
  • let someone flick through

when that expertise becomes tangible you instantly get a credibility boost.

Your book shows you’ve got commitment. What’s more it shows

  • you’ve got focus
  • you’ve got communication skills
  • you’ve got determination to share what you know to help others

These can only be good for you as a speaker and an author and as a person.

It gives you a massively confidence boost.

It’s a bit like a lot of people say

  • I want to run a marathon
  • I want to get married
  • I want to own my house
  • I want to be an author

I think writing a book is a dream (sometimes never more than pipe dream) for a lot of people. But with the right guidance and support, it’s doable.

Once you’ve achieved publishing your first book, it does boost your confidence. It does make you feel good about your knowledge and abilities.

And because you’re enthusiastic and confident in yourself, that brings in further opportunities into your life. That’s why I think a book is a really good idea for a speaker.

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