Thanks for joining me on another one of my videos on how you can make money with your book as a speaker series of six points.

I’m covering point number three. This one is sell your book after speaking. No prizes for guessing there.

Obviously you can add value to your book by signing copies of it in the presence of the person who’s just bought it. That’s really good.

It’s good for them. It’s good for you.

You can have a photograph taken with the people who just bought it and it gives you social proof that your book is being purchased and that helps remove other people’s objections to buying it.

That’s a really good idea.

You can also avoid

  • the booksellers cut
  • postage and packing costs

which both eat into your profit margin.

This makes your book more profitable as well.

That’s another reason why you can make more money by selling it at the events you speak at.

You can also use it to up sell things called one-time offers.  Here’s an example about how that works.

You might say something along these lines

  1. if you buy my book today on how to run your hairdressing salon
  2. I’ll do a thirty-minute consultation with you
  3. I will give you some advice on how to get more clients through the door for your hairdressing business

You can offer some sort of one time thing, that will expire after the event.

Remember,  you don’t want to be giving your knowledge away for free at this one-time offer session, it’s purely a way of building the relationship further with people who may want to book you as a speaker or take your consultancy and training services.

So, if you do decide to add in a one time offer, it’s a way to bundle it in a little bit more

  1. if you book on my two-day coaching… course
  2. I’ll give you a free copy of the book

You can bundle it up however you want, but it’s a way of making sure you increase the average or the value of the sale of the products and services you offer.


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