Hi and welcome to another one of my bite size bestseller boot camp video tips. We’re going to be looking at again the six steps to publishing your own successful book.

This time we’re going to look at feedback.

In a previous video, I’ve talked about how important it is to have a very precise accurate, logical, complete outline to follow.

The great thing is when you’ve got that outline you can then show it to other people:

  • the outline would only stretch to a few pages if you printed it out, if it’s just a few headings and some sub-bullets
  • it’s very easy to just get people’s opinion
  • they just have to look through something really short and let you know what they think

This saves time because if

  • you missed anything out, the people looking through the outline will let you know
  • you’ve put in some information that’s perhaps a too high level for their understanding or what they need to know at that point in time, you can take it out. Consider that for another book or some other way of delivering that information perhaps in a course or a workshop, whatever it might be.

You can make sure your book stays really tightly focused and relevant and helps people meet their goals as they read it.

It’s so much easier to fix the problems when your book in a skeleton outline, isn’t it? It’s much more difficult when you’ve got pages and pages of information to assess, edit and work with.

Your outline is going to save you time and frustration.

When I work with people writing books, it’s all about getting a book written as quickly as possible because the longer it goes on the more tired you can feel about the project. The more tired you feel, the more your writing goes down in quality and the more frustrated you get with the whole thing – so you absolutely want to avoid that.

By using this outline method and getting feedback on the outline, you can make sure you’re heading in the right direction right from the start.

Also, once you’ve shown the outline to other people, the “cat’s out of the bag” if you like. People know that you’re writing a book. You’re on your way to being a successful author already just by sharing that outline and getting some feedback on it. That’s a useful part of accountability. I know some people have taken years to write their book. The information is burning inside them and they want to share it, perhaps you feel the same, but it’s often very difficult to get that out of your head and on paper.

By telling people you’re writing a book, that adds this accountability angle. They’re going to ask you how you’re doing and it’s a little reminder that writing this book is super important to you which it is, isn’t it?

That’s my tip there. Get feedback on your book outline and this is one of the steps to publishing your own successful book.

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