Let me solve your publishing worries 

If you want to have full control of your book project, but avoid a lot of the snags that have slowed you down in the past, read on.

I have tested my process system to ensure it is the fastest, most effective and robust way for you to write and publish a professional quality book – with confidence. Together we can publish a book that engages your audience and boosts your credibility and authority. I’ll also make sure it ties into the products and services you offer so you maximise your earning potential from your book investment.

Rather than taking months, your book, can be out there and collecting leads in weeks.

The best part is, I don’t restrict you like some other publishers. You keep your copyright to your work. And you keep all the royalties.

Choose the right package for you

Three great packages… one great result… I have 99% five-star reviews on Amazon

Each book is created using the same simple, effective process, designed to make it as fast and painless as possible for you to create a book for your business.

There are three packages to choose from, offering print and Kindle support. If you are looking to share your professional life’s learnings, the more comprehensive standard and professional packages are well suited to your needs.

Here’s an overview of the packages. For more advice, see the full details pages for each option.

BOOK YOUR 2020 Place

All places are by application only.  I do five books a year. All five book places for 2019 are taken.  If you have an urgent requirement, check out my courses. THREE places left for 2020. Secure your place, today!

IMPORTANT! “I have a set, tested process which is proven to work. If you WANT TO deviaTE OR cherry-pick bits then THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.” 🙂

People keep asking me this, and I have to keep saying no! If you want to work *with* me using my system, read on.

What if I find I want more help?

If you need a little extra once you get started, just let us know. Most of the standard and premium features are available individually, just ask. We can also help with further bespoke work like custom illustrations, tables, charts and supporting downloadable resources.

It’s time for a quick sanity check…

This process isn’t for everyone. I can only work with people who want to

  • start now, not some day – I only work with rapid action takers who go all balls out to complete projects quickly
  • follow a rapid proven process to the letter – no shoehorning in your own ideas and breaking the recipe
  • share their professional systems – sorry, I don’t help people who want to write fiction or memoir-based books. I am happy to refer you to highly skilled experts that I can wholeheartedly recommend
  • write a book from scratch – no glueing together a bunch of blog posts and hoping for the best
  • commit to writing a high quality book that gets results for readers – no “douche moves” like deliberately missing out core information to be “upsold” at the back of the book
  • complete my author readiness assessment form to make sure your book idea is solid – I don’t offer vanity publishing

Please don’t apply if you cannot, hand on heart, say yes to these questions.

Still got a question? We're here to help... ask away...

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