A comprehensive service for aspiring authors

This service has all the speed and simplicity benefits of the entry Kindle level package, but additional planning and interview time means you can create a much more robust book. 

It also includes a print and Kindle version and has longer sessions for planning and elaboration.

This is ideal for authors who want to explain their full professional system as a series of short, practical steps to mastery for their readers.

What we do together

Step 1: The process starts with you completing and me reviewing your author readiness report. This is a chance to make sure the process is right for your book goals. It will also reveal who your target audience is and the help they need from you to get the knowledge and skills they seek.

Step 2: Once that’s done, your book is created by first outlining your thoughts in an hour-long session. his will identify your main talking points and reveal what your book chapters should cover.  Together we’ll review your outline to make sure it’s watertight before we move onto the next session.

Step 3: Once your outline is confirmed there will be a second session where you elaborate on your idea. This is where you’ll be able to talk about your idea in a relaxed, but professional interview call where we can draw out your best thinking. There’s plenty of time to retake any points if you happen to lose your thread or need to make a tweak. By the end of the process, you know your talking points are expressed fully, clearly and concisely.

That’s your part done. I’ll take it from there.

What I do for you

Step 4: Once your interview is complete, I’ll take the recording and my team will edit it for flow, spelling and grammar to create the content of your book. Remember, your book is created from your own words, so it’s important to be prepared for the recording call. While we’re getting the content ready, my design team will work with you to create your unique cover.

Step 5: To make your book available on Amazon, we’ll walk you through the simple process to create your publishing account before we set up the title for you. 

Step 6: You’ll see your book published as both a print and Kindle version on Amazon.

The full lowdown

Need more details. No problem. Here’s a breakdown of the full service so you can see what you’ll get for placing your trust in me and investing in your book.

Author readiness report review

This is a simple online form for you to complete which makes sure you’re in the right place to start your book. I’ll ask you about the type of people you can help, what they want from you, and how  your expertise will help your readers get a valuable result from your book. This will form the cornerstone of our approach to creating an effective book for your audience. If I feel your book idea is not going to work as you’d hoped, I’ll tell you straight, so you don’t waste your time and money.

2- hour book outline session

Once your book angle has been established with the readiness report, we’ll work together to map out your book. This will cover the facts and concepts your readers will need to understand, plus the practical advice they need to complete the process steps effectively. We’ll also explore how to make sure your book is supportive and motivating so your readers are much more likely to read it from cover to cover. Once that’s done, we’ll review the plan and make sure it hangs together and will get the intended results. This is the first major quality check your book will go through. I’ll give you a copy of the outline so you can research anything that you don’t know off-by-heart to make sure it’s at your fingertips ready for the next step. This is a comprehensive session ideal for planning mid-length books, around the 15,000 to 20,000 word mark.

4-hour elaboration session

This is where you flesh out the details mapped out in your book outline. This is done in a friendly, conversational style to make sure you don’t make the common mistake of sounding like you ate an encyclopedia or dictionary when you explain your idea! You need to come across as a knowledgeable, likeable person, not some who quotes insurance small print at parties. If you need to look something up, we’ll mark that and you’ll have an opportunity to add that information after the session. As you speak, your elaboration will be critiqued for quality, and minor issues that crop up can be fixed there and then. This is the second major quality assessment check.

Once those two bits are done, that’s the hard work done for you. I’ll take up the strain for the next part.


As your book is created from a transcript of our conversation, it will be polished by an experienced editor to make sure it reads well. Your book will be checked on a sentence by sentence basis for clarity, conciseness, consistency and completeness and minor corrections made where appropriate. You can rest assured, the gist and factual accuracy of your material will remain unchanged. This is the third quality check. At this stage, the front and backmatter will be added, for example, your copyright statement.  If you would like, you can give us your acknowledgements and foreword to add to the frontmatter.


Once your draft has been polished by your developmental editor, it will get a second-eyes check by another editor to proofread the final draft. This is a fourth quality check.

1 set of updates

Your book will be sent to your for sign-off. This is your chance to check everything is in order before it is published.

Formatting for Kindle

Once your book has been thoroughly checked it will be formatted for Kindle. This ensures your book will display properly on not only Kindle devices but also tablets, phones and computers running the Kindle app. It is important your book meets the quality standards set by Amazon to make sure it is not withdrawn from sale.

Kindle cover image

You’ll need a clear, eye-catching book cover for your Kindle edition and my team of designers will set that up for you.

Formatting for print

The real kudos about being a published author comes from your printed version. Your book will be professionally formatted to meet traditional publishing standards.

Print cover image

As well as a stylish front cover, a printed book needs an informative and persuasive back cover concept. Our designers will work hard to create the best “silent salesman” for your title.

Amazon listing

Once your book is ready, we will help you set up your Amazon account and create an appealing listing for your book. Your book will be checked and submitted for review to Amazon. We’ll also set your preferred publication date.

Promotional 3d images

Once your book is ready for sale, you’ll need to begin promoting it. I’ll provide you with a set of 2D and 3D images of your Kindle book ready for you to share with your audience and use in your book promotion strategy.

Full PDF version

Another key part of book promotion is being able to email a full version to reviewers, bloggers, journalists, podcasters and more, so we’ll create an easy to share PDF version for you.

Giveaway sample chapter

Of course, you won’t want to give away the whole book, so we’ll set you up with a sample chapter with your front matter, your book introduction and a sample chapter of your choice, plus information on how to order it that you can use as a free giveaway to whet people’s appetites to buy your full book.

Up to 30 branded social media images

We’ll review your book for 30 snippets that will be perfect to be used as quote images to be used on social media to raise awareness about your book. Each image will be branded and include a link to your website.

Promotional press pack lite

My team will create a bespoke press pack for you consisting of a cheat sheet which offers a handful of book tips presented as an article, your author bio and book synopsis. These are the cornerstones of your press pack. I will also give you access to my book promotion strategy so you can spread the word about your book to a global audience. 

Ongoing support

If you need to make any changes, you can easily make any changes you need in the document we’ll send you. Simply return it to us and we’ll make the update for free anytime in the first 90 days.

We’re here to support you into the future too. Ordering additional copies is easy to do yourself. If you need to make updates to the content of your book to keep it bang up to date, we have inexpensive options to choose from.

We can also help with two natural companions to your book, an audio version and turning your system into a course you can deliver face to face or online.


Still got a question? We're here to help... ask away...

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