Stuck at ‘Square One’ with PLANNING AND MONETISING your business book?

Are you secretly worried your book idea is distinctly average? Is your brain unable to settle on an authoritative angle?

Scared a torrent of one-star reviews will kill your credibility?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way if join my book planning mastermind. In just a few hours, you can plan out your business book using a raft of tried and tested time savers that don’t cut corners on quality. And you’ll discover how to monetise your idea!

Up for it?

Tell me what your biggest book problem is…




I’m serious – please don’t apply if you tick any of these boxes, the deal’s off.  We work really closely together and for me, these character traits kill the fun of writing a book with someone stone dead.

Muck about and, with love,  you’ll be refunded and off on your merry way.

Read those points? Not a tyre-kicker? Great!

Desperately want to write your business book but getting started is your biggest obstacle?


You’re not sure what to do…

  • what is the best topic for you to cover…
  • what will make readers love your book…
  • how you need to organise your material…

You're constantly on the go…

  • helping clients…
  • day-to-day operations…
  • marketing your business…

No more confusion… just clarity with your book…

Following the easy, bite-size lessons, you’ll have a detailed business book outline based on your expertise and your proven techniques that get results for clients.

This system guarantees you have a clear idea about what to cover by identifying a book angle that readers will love that also boosts your authority and money-making potential.

At the end of this course, your book outline will be at this stage – in a professional book template, all mapped out and ready to expand on with ease, with a point-by-point plan to guide you.  

Why is this book planning process so efficient?

  1. The entire training lasts just 1 hour 23 minutes – which means less time plodding through a wall of thud-factor course and more time planning a book outline that rocks!
  2. (During the October 2018 group challenge, we created 31 book outline templates in a week…)
  3. Each bite-size step leads onto the next ensuring your idea is robust and fully fleshed out. Woo hoo!

Check out a free sample lesson

Decided “yes” this is for me? Great! Here’s an outline of what you get…

  • six straightforward lessons – no more time-wasting Googling for doubtful answers
  • learn with video, audio or PDF – whichever you prefer
  • there is a dedicated course website to support you as you make rapid progress
  • daily arse-kicking in person and feedback from me to keep you accountable

Here’s the lowdown of the five steps…

  • STEP 1: Researching who you help and how
    If your book is to be a success it has to be what your readers are looking for. You may have done customer profiling before, but this is different. Remember, there is much less interaction and support for your reader since you are not there to guide them if they get stuck as you might with a client.
  • STEP 2: Defining your readers, their challenges and goals
    A simple one-page overview of your target reader based on step 1’s research. This helps you see your book through your readers’ eyes, so you can evaluate how useful your book will be. This also helps other people who might help you later like your editor, cover designer or press agent.
  • STEP 3: Defining how your process overcomes their challenges and meet their goals
    Once you know what readers need, you can come up with an overview of your plan of attack to get them the results they want.
  • STEP 4: Competitor book research
    With your end goal in mind, it’s safe to researching how did competitor books solve get readers results (or not!) and how did the authors benefit (or not!) from publishing their book, so you can be sure you’re coming up with something that’s perfect for your readers and you.
  • STEP 5: Planning how to teach your readers what they need to know to get the result
    This section has a bit of theory, which teaches you how to create effective, efficient and enjoyable learning experiences before you map out the details you will teach your solution to your readers.
  • Bonus: Five ways to monetise your book
    Writing a book can be an expensive business especially with editing and publishing services to pay for, so it’s critical you can build in ways to make money with your system, to recoup any expenses you choose to incur. Lots of authors get this wrong and pull some horrific douche moves on their readers. This bonus section shows you how to give your readers extra assistance should they want it without being spammy about it, or failing to share a complete system.

You’re in safe hands… Here’s a selection from hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews my authors have enjoyed

No BS guarantee

If it turns out this isn’t for you, maybe there’s the wrong sort of leaves on the railway track, or you have a track record of buying ‘shelf help’ to hide the fact you’re a faffer, you can have a full refund. No questions asked.

Let’s make a deal, you avoid the anguish of buyer’s remorse and feeling like a failure again and you save me the aggro of having to refund you.

book coaching money back guarantee

Great! I need expert help to write my book and get access to the exclusive coaching group 

  • Get instant access to digital training materials that cover different aspects of planning your book in the form of videos, PDF documents and audio files
  • You can put your book outline in my premium book template, which is perfect for Kindle and printed paperback books (worth £87)
  • You get daily accountability sessions
  • Private Facebook support group
  • You get access to Colette’s team of publishing experts if you want to outsource a particular aspect of creating your book later

Interested? Please join me. The price oops… I mean “investment”... is £197

(Gotta obey those copywriting rules, eh!)

Here’s what some other authors think about working with me…

(You’re supposed to add this to sales pages…etc etc…. but if you need this much convincing to invest £147 then this isn’t for you… we won’t get on…. ) 

I never believed I could write a book. I hated writing all my adult life.

I was Colette’s guinea pig when she first started her publishing business. I laughed when she said I had the ability to write a book. And yet, she was right.

What’s more, thanks to her encourgement,  I have written six books now! I am truly staggered – and a little grateful! Being an author has brought me lots of exciting opportunities.

Jane Akshar

Owner, Flats In Luxor

I knew what I wanted to tell people. I just didn’t know how to make it into a book.

I started a chicken keeping business and wanted to share my expertise with people, so they had as much fun keeping chickens as I did.

I kept explaining the same thing over and over, and it was a relief to get all that knowledge in a practical book my customers could refer to. I knew they would look after their hens well.

Mark Burrows

Owner, Redlynch Farm

I made a start on my own but I ended up wasting endless hours researching.

As a professional athelete and former Team GB Paralympian, I wanted to make sure my wheelchair fitness book made the grade in terms of quality.

I tried to sort everything on my own, but it was so time-consuming my book project. stalled. I’m so glad I asked for Colette’s help. Everything was so much simpler and quicker.

Dan Highcock

Professional wheelchair basketball player

Who is Colette Mason?  

For many years I published information for the UK Government and global corporations. I loved the high-profile element to the work – knowing millions of people are reading what you produce gives you quite a buzz.

Apart from the occasional public inquiry report, the authors never got the credit – the information was always attributed to an organisation and never those who had crafted the words.

I wanted to publish people’s expertise and make sure they got credited for it.

So I jumped ship, left my comfortable, corporate consulting bubble and set up own my publishing company, ready to help business owners create their own top-notch books based on their professional experience.

These days, I work privately with motivated clients who are serious about living up to their potential and relish the prospect of becoming a published author.

I help them create detailed book outlines, support them as they write their first draft and, with the help from my team of expert editors, I publish a high-quality book, which meets traditional publishing standards, without the restrictions and hassles that come with signing your ideas away to someone else…

How you benefit from joining my book planning mastermind

  • You get private group coaching with Colette Mason, so you can get customized advice about your book
  • Get instant access to digital training materials that cover different aspects of writing your book in the form of videos, PDF documents and audio files
  • You get access to Colette’s premium book templates, which are perfect for Kindle and printed paperback books
  • You can harness the collective brainpower and feedback from your fellow challengers to guide you on your way as you write your book
  • You get access to Colette’s team of experts if you want to outsource a particular aspect of creating your book later

Great! Need a simple system to follow and expert help and support so you succeed?

Please join me. The price oops… I mean “investment”... is £197

(Gotta obey those copywriting rules, eh!)

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