Stuck at ‘Square One’ with your business book?

Have you spent years thinking you should write your book, but never got going?

Dreading it taking months of ‘hard slog’? And because you’re ‘winging it’ it might suck when it’s finally finished?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow this laser-focused method. Write and publish your book using a raft of tried and tested time savers that don’t cut corners on quality.

Up for it?

Tell me what your biggest book problem is…


4 simple steps to creating a book your readers are guaranteed love

Is your book firmly stuck in your head or heart?

Does writing your first book feel daunting! Yet you can’t stop imagining how amazing it will feel to hold your finished book in your sticky little mitts.

If you haven’t experienced that joyous feeling yet, it might be because you’ve:

  • Never written a book before and the whole process is baffling
  • Struggled to settle on the best angle
  • Got a head full of expertise and are unsure what to share
  • Failed to map out a solid outline
  • Worried your finished book will suck and undermine your credibility
  • Dreaded it will be a motherload of work that will take over your whole life for months

The good news is, I’ve faced all these setbacks (and more!). I know how to kill off the obstacles budding authors face, boost their confidence and skills and enjoy writing and publishing their book, with my group coaching community.


I never believed I could write a book. I hated writing all my adult life.

I was Colette’s guinea pig when she first started her publishing business. I laughed when she said I had the ability to write a book. And yet, she was right.

What’s more, thanks to her encourgement,  I have written six books now! I am truly staggered – and a little grateful! Being an author has brought me lots of exciting opportunities. 

Jane Akshar

Owner, Flats In Luxor

I knew what I wanted to tell people. I just didn’t know how to make it into a book.

I started a chicken keeping business and wanted to share my expertise with people, so they had as much fun keeping chickens as I did.

I kept explaining the same thing over and over, and it was a relief to get all that knowledge in a practical book my customers could refer to. I knew they would look after their hens well.

Mark Burrows

Owner, Redlynch Farm

I made a start on my own but I ended up wasting endless hours researching.

As a professional athelete and former Team GB Paralympian, I wanted to make sure my wheelchair fitness book made the grade in terms of quality.

I tried to sort everything on my own, but it was so time-consuming my book project. stalled. I’m so glad I asked for Colette’s help. Everything was so much simpler and quicker.

Dan Highcock

Wheelchair basketball player

What’s in it for you?

Instead of struggling alone, why not sail through the entire publishing process, having fun along the way.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • private group coaching with Colette Mason, so you can get personalised advice about your book
  • instant access to digital training materials that cover different aspects of planning, writing, editing and publishing your book in video, audio and PDF formats
  • access to monthly group live training calls
  • a choice of Colette’s premium book templates, which are perfect for Kindle and printed paperback books, to give your book a traditionally published look and feel
  • harness the collective brainpower and feedback of the community as a sounding board as you write and publish your book
  • access to Colette’s team of experts, so if you want to outsource a particular aspect of creating your book, there’s someone on hand to help
  • the opportunity to have your book published by Let’s Tell Your Story once you have completed the full system

What’s included…

Not everyone can afford to work with me one-on-one. (Plus, I have limited availability to work with people one-on-one). As a book coach, I know how valuable it is to have access to a group of eager business book writers – budding authors who have similar challenges and the same goal, self-publishing a business book to traditional publishing standards. That’s why I created the Bestseller Bootcamp. It gives business book authors:

Step by step online training

Four standalone modules in video, audio and PDF format covering: planning, writing, editing and publishing.

An online community

Access to other business book authors on the same path as you, to provide a sounding board for your ideas.

Motivation and support

Regular accountability and support to keep you focused and making rapid progress.

Coaching and consultancy

Access to everything in my brain to solve any hiccups you encounter along the way.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to join?

The price is £1997 (including VAT) for four months of coaching. It takes three months maximum to complete your book using this system and there’s an extra month to provide support after you’ve published your book.

Do you offer membership on a monthly basis?

No. Writing a book takes a short and sustained level of effort. Dipping in and out means you lose momentum and fail. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30-day no hassle money back guaranteed. That’s plenty of time to try out the training and see if group coaching is for you.

Is the coaching done by Facebook?

Yes and no. The course materials are on a dedicated website. You can ask questions and interact with fellow group members in a Facebook group. 

I have already started my book, am I too late to join?

This is a complete standalone programme that takes you from planning all the way through to publishing.

You need to follow the process from the start to get the best results quickly.

If you’re happy to let go of the work you’ve done already, it’s OK to join.

If you want to rehash what you’ve put together so far, the system won’t work and your coaching fees will be refunded.

What if I fall behind?

This programme is built for action takers. If you’re not prepared to prioritise your book, you will struggle to complete your publication in the time available. 

There are accountability emails to keep you focused

If you don’t complete your book within the 4-month time-frame, you will have to continue unsupported.

Why the tough love? People who write their book slowly get side-tracked or lose faith in their abilities and give up. 

I won’t take your money if you fail to follow the system because you won’t get results, and results matter to me more than money.

How active are you in the forum?

I visit the forums daily and have live Q&A video sessions once per week.

Can I use this for fiction, cookery or children's books?

Unfortunately not.

The programme has been specifically created to support people who want to write a business book that shares their signature system. 

It won’t work with other niches.

Who is Colette Mason?

How come I ended up being a book publisher rather than an astronaut?

For many years I published information for the UK Government and global corporations. I loved the high-profile element to the work – knowing millions of people are reading what you produce gives you quite a buzz. Apart from the occasional public inquiry report, the authors never got the credit – the information was always attributed to an organisation and never those who had crafted the words.

I wanted to publish people’s expertise and make sure they got credited for it. So I jumped ship, left my comfortable, corporate consulting bubble and set up own my publishing company, ready to help business owners create their own top-notch books based on their professional experience.

These days, I work privately with motivated clients who are serious about living up to their potential and relish the prospect of becoming a published author. I help them create detailed book outlines, support them as they write their first draft. 

With the help from my team of expert editors, I publish a high-quality book, which meets traditional publishing standards, without the restrictions and hassles that come with signing your ideas away to someone else…

This means I’ve been thrown in at the deep end with every excruciating and exciting part of the book publishing process. I LOVE helping fellow writers storm through the hard parts so they can get to the exciting bits faster.

Why is it different to other book coaching programmes?  

Unlike other book coaching communities, Colette has published thousands of books and guides for her clients. Colette takes great pride in helping members publish high-quality books that are an asset to their name. 

The publishing world, both in print and digital evolves constantly. Colette keeps herself up to date with the latest and most effective publishing techniques regularly,  so that she can share whats she’s learned with you.

So, if would like to get some book coaching to improve the quality of your book so that you can better position yourself as an expert, then joining the community is definitely the best decision you can make right now!

Great! I need expert help to write and publish my book and get access to the exclusive coaching community  

If you are interested, please apply.

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