Tell me what your biggest book problem is…

It’s time for a quick sanity check…

This process isn’t for everyone. I can only work with people who want to

  • start now, not some day – I only work with rapid action takers who go all balls out to complete projects quickly
  • follow a rapid proven process to the letter – no shoehorning in your own ideas and breaking the recipe
  • share their professional systems – sorry, I don’t help people who want to write fiction or memoir-based books. I am happy to refer you to highly skilled experts that I can wholeheartedly recommend
  • write a book from scratch – no glueing together a bunch of blog posts and hoping for the best
  • commit to writing a high quality book that gets results for readers – no “douche moves” like deliberately missing out core information to be “upsold” at the back of the book
  • complete my author readiness assessment form to make sure your book idea is solid – I don’t offer vanity publishing

Please don’t apply if you cannot, hand on heart, say yes to these questions.

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